Famahor designs, manufactures and installs packaging tape chipboard cold.

Famahor designs, manufactures and installs packaging tape, chipboard and incorporates cold mixer, finished product hopper, auger feeder automation product and the entire facility.

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Famahor designs, manufactures and installs a plant for dosing, weighing and packaging of a wide variety of products.

The owner that acquired this facility, Jose Antonio Marquez, owner of the company "Materiales y Hormigones El Cano, s.l.", that is located in the village Hornachos, is currently sacking materials and products such as aggregates, organic waste, charcoal, etc.



Famahor signs with the company EUROMECC a contract of exclusivity to commercialize and sell all its products in Spain and Portugal, as well as a global agreement of cooperation.

 These agreements are signed by both parties in the facilities of EUROMECC in the city of Catania - Sicily, on May 10th, 2013.

firma acuerdo euromecc




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